Creating great ideas since 1992

This year MGA is proud to be celebrating 25 years in business. Over the years, a lot has changed within our organisation, and the industry as a whole, but some things remain the same. Like our passion for creating great ideas and extracting the extraordinary for a range of brilliant brands.

We’ve been privileged to represent some major players from a whole host of business sectors – from aerospace engineering to vacuum cleaning; from corporate law firms to cruise lines. And so many more.

While we have certainly evolved from where we were in the early nineties, we’ve stuck close to our roots. We are still proudly independent and remain grounded, unpretentious and agile. Core values around which the business was built when Peter Gibbon founded MGA all those years ago.

To mark our 25th birthday year, we’ve created this short tongue-in-cheek video that takes a wry look at what the industry was doing in the heady days of 1992.

What a difference a quarter of a century makes. We would like to thank all of those that have been part of the journey for the first 25 years and look forward to the next chapter.