Are you struggling to entice staff back to the office?

MGA Events can help!

We understand the need to get employees back in the office after the pandemic.
MGA Events can develop and deliver a variety of engaging and entertaining events, at your offices as an incentive to bring staff back to work.
Each workspace has a range of needs, requirements and budgets to work with. Collaborating with your team, we could create anything from cocktail making classes, to boardwalk games or even a circus!

MGA Events is a corporate event agency based in London Bridge, and is part of the MGA Group. Trusted by some of the world’s  largest organisations, we bring your brand or vision to life by creating unforgettable events your guests are set to remember. From conferences to roadshows, awards dinners to internal team building days, we shape and design a range of experiences to be an extension of your brand.

MGA Events boasts a talented team able to lead the strategic and creative development of your event, through to the development, production and delivery, all overseen by our project management team. We provide a seamless solution for your live event needs underpinned by our extensive experience, ensuring we deliver events that engage with your audience and deliver lasting impact.

Case Study: Chiswick Business Park

In 2019, we worked with Chiswick Business Park to develop and produce their ‘Enjoy-Work’ summer events. Our core objective for these events was to attract some of their 10,000 staff to the office, as well as encourage socialisation between departments and companies. We also wanted to deliver a variety of events which could appeal and be engaging to all ages.

Due to the availability of space, all events needed to be set-up, happen and taken down by the end of each day. We were also required to work with the on-site team to ensure all health and safety was adhered to and cause as little disruption to the office workers as possible.

With this in mind, we designed and created nine different events to engage a range of staff. The events included yoga and wellness activities, art programmes, food trucks, tea blending workshops, a BMX stunt show and even a big top circus!

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