Chubb Fire & Security


Internal communications




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Damien | Strategy
  • Oli | Account Director
  • Sarah | Account Manager

After announcing the sale of the business and a new parent company, and building on the umbrella identity we had previously created for all internal change communications, Chubb was keen to maintain high level of engagement with its workforce after the initial communication push.

What did we find that was extraordinary? The new parent company is serious about creating opportunities for all employees, and is committed to making Chubb a better, more efficient company.

How we extracted the extraordinary

With a workforce that may be somewhat cynical, the new parent company and the new leadership was keen to show a commitment to making the right changes, the right investments, and create the right conditions for a better employee value proposition. We worked closely with the leadership team to craft an employee manifesto creating a rallying cry and framing the commitments from the leadership in an engaging way, whilst outlining what this means to employees. The manifesto was rolled out throughout the organisation through an engaging video, supported by a companion video from leadership. A wide range of workplace-based materials were also developed for countries to use and adapt, including posters, floor graphics, table-talkers, wall graphics, giveaways, etc.