Unilever My Learning - hero

With big changes around Unilever’s employee development portal, there was a need to create awareness of the new system, and the associated benefits, to all employees. What did we find that was extraordinary?

The way in which people learn and where they learn is changing all the time.

The purpose of the My Learning portal was to provide more relevant and bite-sized information which could be consumed by employees on the go, and encourage and nurture collaborative learning. We built a campaign centred around key messaging (Explore, Share & Grow) and delivered an impactful solution that was delivered through employee engagement channels targeted at all Unilever staff worldwide. This included posters, plasma displays, a series of emails, presentations and activation day wearables.

Unilever My Learning - pull ups
Unilever My Learning - screensavers
Unilever My Learning - glasses
Unilever My Learning - table talkers