Ready for great ideas?

That’s the challenge we always set ourselves. The benchmark. It’s what gets us up in the morning. Always striving for great ideas.

We are super proud of the work we produce for a variety of clients from all sorts of sectors. And, as a business, we have been doing it now for over 30 years.

We have showcased some of our more recent work in the below showreel. Enjoy!

The power of creativity

At MGA, we believe every business does extraordinary things. But most are unaware of what their extraordinary really is. By asking the right questions, really listening to the answers and using our creative and experienced minds to analyse all the evidence, we bring to light extraordinary things of all kinds, for companies of all sizes in every sector.
Our discoveries are the material we use to develop impactful ideas that inspire more meaningful, emotive, and inspiring brands and campaigns. Communication people care about, that delivers a result and strengthens your relationships – with your customers, employees, and your wider community.
Our process – how we Extract the Extraordinary

Working through the layers of facts, opinions, ambitions and considerations to understand your business better and the challenges you face.


‘Extracting the extraordinary’ from everything we discover to create the idea your audiences will connect with.


Making sure your ‘extraordinary’ is heard with creative communication to build your relationships with customers, employees, the world.


Full service

MGA’s sister agency, Two Tails Productions, is an international creative agency staging spectacular shows, live events and experiential marketing for brands and venues.

Two Tails Productions’ approach is a perfect fusion of fresh ideas with practicality,  informed by our mantra to only put forward great ideas with ‘Real Imagination’.

As well as bespoke exhibitions, experiential marketing and staging corporate events, we also have incredible branded shows available to book right now.


The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the biggest cause of global warming – impacting safety, health, food and global stability. We all contribute via travel, heating, and even eating and wearing clothes. We can change our lifestyles to reduce the impact, but it is still there.

MGA is proud to partner with Climate Wise to offset the combined carbon emission for the entire MGA Group team. Thanks to Climate Wise’s expertise, our contribution goes to projects on the basis of their offset impact, coupled with any benefits they provide to a local community such as job creation, health improvement or gender equality.