Airbus UK


Tactical campaign




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Ben | Copywriter
  • Oli | Account Director

The UK is one of the 4 ‘home nations’ of Airbus and, as such, the company has a long and successful history as a UK strategic partner, as well as a vital economic engine. With continued investment and involvement in the UK since its inception, it was important to challenge the misconception that they were in some way less British than some of their US aerospace and defence rivals.

What did we find that was extraordinary? Airbus has been committed to the UK for a long-time, with an unmatched track-record that speaks for itself.

How we extracted the extraordinary

In this context, we devised an ambient creative campaign emphasising Airbus’ Britishness by generating headlines that describe some of the company’s commitments in the Union using British English rather than American English. These executions were produced as drinks coasters for the major summer air shows – where Airbus tend to host a lot of senior stakeholders, including British policy makers – to tactically convey these commitments in a tongue-in-cheek but hard hitting way.