mua Group


Brand development and roll-out


Built environment


  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Kit| Creative Strategy
  • Damien | Strategy
  • Oli| Account Director

As a new player in the Utility Asset market, mua Group needed to position itself as a credible alternative to established competitors – leveraging the expertise and financial strength of its two parent companies – to appeal to developers, land owners, and third-party Independent Connection Providers.

What did we find that’s extraordinary? They’ve set up a digital-first, customer-centric model that makes stakeholders’ lives easier when it comes to utility connections.

How we extracted the extraordinary

After interviewing various senior stakeholders – including leadership from the two parent companies – we helped formulate the name, vision, mission and a set of unique values for mua Group, along with key messaging and a compelling brand narrative. Visually, we developed the brand identity taking some clues from the two parent brands – ensuring the final logo was distinct in the market and played to their customer-centric approach. Beyond the logo, we created dedicated colour palettes, typefaces, iconography, graphic devices and an imagery approach for an ownable style that reflected their vision and would resonate with a multitude of audiences. All elements were compiled into brand guidelines to establish usage rules around the mua Group’s brand identity.

In addition to the brand development work, we also created top-level assets to support the brand launch, including a short animation to help position the business, a full suite of branded document templates (including a presentation deck), and a series of infographics for digital platforms.

Colour palette