Corporate narrative and company presentation


Defence & security


  • Camille | Senior Designer
  • Ben | Copywriter
  • Oli | Account Director

Thales’ Land & Air Systems division develops complex, advanced solutions for civil and military customers around the world. However these solutions can be difficult to understand, which can make it tricky for the business to create an engaging story when introducing the organisation.

What did we find that was extraordinary? Customers trust Thales Land & Air Systems to help them master their decisive moments.

Our creative approach

Creating a ‘dark & moody’ look & feel
Using existing Thales assets
Bringing the story to life with engaging storytelling

How we extracted the extraordinary

Working closely with the client, we shaped a narrative and devised a highly-designed, highly-animated PowerPoint presentation to help create an engaging story for when the Thales Land & Air Systems (LAS) management team gave a top-level introduction of the business.

After discussing the project objectives and reviewing existing materials, we developed a creative theme to guide our creative development – trust, as the human emotion at the centre of a customer’s relationship with Thales and LAS. We then developed a visual approach for the presentation, which used impactful imagery and included humans interacting with systems across most slides. The presentation was structured around three main sections: the wider group, the Land & Air Systems division, and introducing future solutions.

The presentation was very well received and is used as the go-to tool for major presentations with key stakeholders, helping to raise LAS’ profile further.