Internal communications campaign (online employees)




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Damien | Strategy
  • Andrew | Account Director
  • Mark | Copywriter

Given the significant anticipated changes to the ways of working at Amazon UK post pandemic, there was a need to raise awareness, create dialogue and provide support to employees around this important subject matter.

What did we find that’s extraordinary? The ultimate balance for the future of work at Amazon starts with the team, whilst offering significant individual benefits.

How we extracted the extraordinary

Amazon UK aspires to build a culture where conversations around the future of work are held regularly, with the aim to develop resilient ways of working and environments that enable collaboration, unlock innovation and empower employees to make their own choices.

We built a central concept around ‘selecting your settings’ to help employees understand that they were able to take control of their ways of working, encouraging people to think about a range of factors that may influence how, where and when they work on a daily basis. We wanted to get everyone thinking about not only their own circumstances, but also what was best for the teams that they operate in. We executed the campaign through a series of digital and print channels to reach a widespread audience.

The campaign has been key to the development and communication of Amazon
UK’s ‘return to office’ processes and polices.