A global aerospace company


Internal communications




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Mark| Copywriting
  • Oli | Account Director
  • Sarah | Account Manager

As an aerospace company, our client has a stringent Code of Ethics that all employees across the group have to follow. It is therefore important to raise awareness throughout the organisation.

What did we find that was extraordinary? Creating a dedicated series of animations will help employees across the multinational group to engage with the variety of topics covered by the Code of Ethics.

How we extracted the extraordinary

Using hand drawn illustrations and a consistent theme – Always guided by our principles – we crafted a series of 12 animations, each bringing to life a specific topic from the Code of Ethics. Each animation was also translated into French, German and Italian – the other three main languages of the business. The result gave our client a series of animated episodes covering the main matters around ethics in the business. These were released to all employees on the intranet, and were also incorporated into the induction pack for future employees.