Chubb Fire & Security


Brand strategy creation and internal roll-out campaign




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Camille | Senior Designer
  • Kit | Copywriting
  • Damien | Strategy
  • Oli | Account Director
  • Sarah | Account Manager

As Chubb entered into their second year under a new parent company and after a 12-month period of significant transformation, the organisation was keen to finally develop their own unique brand platform. Having not been granted this opportunity under previous parent companies, they were keen to create a global brand strategy and set of values and behaviours, bespoke and specific to Chubb, that the 12,000-strong workforce could really get behind and believe in.

What did we find that was extraordinary? Having built an excellent reputation with customers for many years, it’s time to assert Chubb’s leading technical expertise and service level to become the number one global trusted partner.

How we extracted the extraordinary

With a global workforce available to feed us with insights, we embarked on a major exercise working closely with Corporate Communications, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and wider stakeholders in the parent organisation. We spoke to a large number of employees, from field technicians and communicators to managers and back office support, in every territory that Chubb operate in (17 countries across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific). This helped us shape a compelling new brand platform consisting of purpose, vision, mission and five key values and behaviours to keep pace with their ambitious business trajectory.

In order to provide a solid foundation for the brand, it is always important to ensure the workforce is engaged with it, understanding how it relates to their daily responsibilities. To support with the launch and international roll-out we created a wide range of workplace-based materials for country communicators to use and adapt for local markets. This included posters, pull-up banners, digital assets, wall graphics and branded merchandise and giveaways. We also developed a comprehensive Manager’s Toolkit, providing line managers and supervisors with essential information to help explain the brand strategy to their teams (whether office or field-based). The Toolkit included an activation element to help employees familiarise themselves further with the new brand. This took the form of an interactive cube mechanic with accompanying step-by-step instructions for easy implementation at team meetings and break-out sessions.

Following on from the launch, Chubb introduced a new Values Recognition Award Scheme which attracted more than 300 nominations. Stories have then been shared across the organisation to inspire employees and embed the Values.
In addition, Chubb is embedding the new Values into every part of their employee journey and building them into their Employer branding.