Brand architecture & identity




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Kit| Copywriting
  • Andrew | Director
  • Sara | Account Manager

Gatsby Africa, a leading charitable trust, needed a brand which enabled them to clearly communicate their value and strategic approach across their portfolio of sectors to all stakeholders.

What did we find that was extraordinary? A consistent brand identity and messaging hierarchy leverages reputation, the potential for growth and transformation across all sectors.

How we extracted the extraordinary

We worked closely with the client to organise, articulate and develop a brand architecture which supported all levels of engagement. Through senior stakeholder workshops, a clear strategy and approach was identified which enabled the business strategy to be achieved and more meaningful communications to be developed. The hierarchy elevated the sector approach and this was captured through iconography within a refreshed identity.

Developed during a period of change, as three existing organisations aligned under one brand, it was essential that key internal and external communications were developed to clearly position and inform stakeholders of the changes. A new website and intranet were developed as central hubs for information, alongside dedicated communications to support an internal launch and external outreach programme.