UK Civil Aviation Authority


Awareness campaign




  • Camille | Art Director
  • Ben | Copywriter
  • Oli | Account Director
  • Sarah | Account Manager

With the exponential rise of electronic goods being shipped via aircraft, there’s been an increased risk of accident when lithium batteries are not packaged or dealt with properly. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has introduced rules and documentation on how to safely ship dangerous goods in general, and lithium batteries in particular, to avoid such accidents. However, they needed to raise general awareness of these rules to a global audience.

What did we find that was extraordinary? By using impactful creative communications, we can catch the attention of stakeholders, raise awareness about this issue and offer relevant information to help reduce risk.

How we extracted the extraordinary

Working closely with the CAA team and their technical experts, we created high-impact communications focussed around the campaign line – Batteries are included – a neat play on words that builds on a well-known phrase whilst also amplifying the issue at hand. To reach the various stakeholders around this safety issue (manufacturers, shippers, air operators), we used a range of flagship products that typically contain lithium batteries like mobile phones, e-cigarettes and e-scooter batteries.

Campaign materials included Twitter and LinkedIn assets, a range of physical and digital posters, and a short animation highlighting the importance of adhering to the rules and pointing to resources on the CAA’s dedicated webpages. We also created templates so the client team could build on the campaign with a wider range of materials and translate in additional languages to help land the message with an international audience.