Hope for Children


Marketing materials




  • Mike | Creative Director
  • Eleonora | Senior Designer
  • Damien | Strategy
  • Simone | Account Manager

Your Business, Their Lives (YBTL) is a corporate fundraising model initiated by Hope for Children to partner with organisations whose objective is to embed their CSR policy through a uniquely tailored partnership.

What did we find that’s extraordinary? YBTL partnership models ensure donated funds are allocated to projects that particularly resonate with their team so as to maximise team enthusiasm and participation.

How we extracted the extraordinary

Keeping true to the ethos of the brand, MGA re-articulated and re-designed existing marketing material to make them accessible and simple to read. We also introduced illustrative content to visualise YBTL initiatives keeping them consistent with all other branded messaging. We continue to work with Hope for Children on a range of design work as well as supporting the Your Business, Their Lives initiative.