Employee engagement campaign


Professional services


  • Eleonora | Senior Designer
  • Ben | Copywriter
  • Damien | Strategy
  • Andrew | Account Director
  • Christine | Account Executive

Serco’s new intranet was designed with frontline employees in mind, but 80% of the global workforce are non-office based without digital access at work so engaging and motivating them to access the product was a real challenge.

What did we find that’s extraordinary? The new app-based site is full of really useful work-related tools, and is easy to access by anyone at Serco from any device at any time.

How we extracted the extraordinary

Raising awareness of the intranet, and motivating a global workforce to use it, needed communications which aligned directly to employee needs. Many of the frontline workforce had never had access to the previous site, so a more personal approach was chosen.

Understanding the new product features was key to informing the messaging structure, as well as highlighting the delivery mechanism via a new app. The concept built on everyday interactions with personal devices, something that would resonate with a global employee base, with the treatment focussed around high impact visuals to create cut through from other internal campaigns.

The communication channels were carefully considered to provide an integrated approach pre, during and post launch to reach the end users effectively. All assets were delivered in a toolkit which allowed local markets to create tailored communications for their teams.