Positioning campaign


Civil engineering


  • Mike | Creative Director
  • Eleonora | Senior Designer
  • Steve | Copywriter
  • Oli | Account Manager

This campaign won ‘Best use of Advertising’ at the Construction Marketing Awards.

Murphy wanted to deepen the value associated with their brand with stronger communication of all the services they provide on complex infrastructure projects.

What did we find that was extraordinary? What they are generally known for is only a fraction of the value that they add.

How we extracted the extraordinary

We highlighted how Murphy does so much more than dig up roads by showcasing key infrastructure projects they planned and delivered. Projects were chosen from five different sectors and demonstrated the level of complexity Murphy is skilled at managing. In the advertising campaign we developed, each story was signed off with the call to action ‘Think Murphy’, which reinforced how Murphy is the brain power as well as physical force behind the success of the projects.