Coca-Cola European Partners


Employee engagement campaign


Food & beverages


  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Eleonora | Senior Designer
  • Andrew | Account Director
  • Toyosi | Account Executive

In order to enable more connected and flexible working practices, Coca-Cola European Partners developed a ‘Digital Workplace’ built around upgraded systems. However, employees struggled to complete the upgrades in a timely manner and existing communications were not resonating.

What did we find that was extraordinary? Communicating the end benefit of installing the new systems, via relatable scenarios, resonates far better with employees.

How we extracted the extraordinary

The creative response saw us develop a suite of characters that visually demonstrated the benefits of each upgrade in a consistent format. This replaced the need for long and dry instruction-based communications and allowed employees to relate to real life issues they faced in a more digestible format. And by showing practical solutions, this built positive engagement.

Each step of the upgrade was delivered in an email with a progress bar, so that the users were aware of where they were in the process. In addition, short steps ensured users were not overwhelmed and the changes did not feel too tedious. The characters created a ‘family’ which employees now associate with all IT changes going forward.