Employee engagement campaign


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  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Camille | Senior Designer
  • Damien | Strategy
  • Andrew | Account Director
  • Tash | Account Executive

Serco, a company that employs over 50,000 people globally across multiple sectors, wanted to strengthen their existing process and their whistleblowing platform ‘Speak Up’, which enables staff to raise serious breaches of their code of conduct, to increase reported concerns. Raising awareness of this important internal service was a clear priority.

What did we find that’s extraordinary? Using Speak Up is completely confidential, with every case being reviewed and investigated by impartial experts.

How we extracted the extraordinary

In order to create greater stand out for Speak Up, MGA developed a new visual identity including logo and look and feel, as well as a multi-channel internal communications campaign (in 6 different languages) to raise awareness of the platform and how and when to use it. We worked closely with the Serco Ethics and Compliance team on crafting a narrative for the campaign that was easily understood by the full spectrum of employees, and which shone a light on the importance of speaking out when they encountered something seriously wrong in the business.