Credit Suisse


Internal communications


Financial Services


  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Mark | Copywriting
  • Andrew | Director
  • Sara | Account Manager
  • P3 Connect | Comms Strategy Partner

Credit Suisse was rolling out a global digital transformation programme. They needed an engaging way of creating awareness and communicating the benefits to employees that a new way of working would deliver.

What did we find that was extraordinary? With fundamental changes to the way we work during the pandemic and a drive to achieve a better work life balance, technology can make a positive difference.

How we extracted the extraordinary

We built a campaign to support the company-wide launch of Microsoft 365 (M365), underpinned by a strategic 12 month communication plan delivered by our partner P3 Connect.

Core to the approach was the ability of M365 to enable the truly global teams within Credit Suisse to Connect, Collaborate and Create. Our campaign ‘badge’ reflected this and was consistently applied to all materials. Our creative concept included the development of initial launch communications focused on the key benefits set alongside abstract imagery to tease in the campaign.

A series of M365 Champion communications, based on real life experiences by early adopters, were captured and built out to act as a second phase of outreach. These, supported by a series of ‘Scenarios’ and animations, brought to life the ways in which M365 enable all employees to create better ways of working. A central ‘Hub’ was also built in the new SharePoint as a best in class example, providing access to information and training.