Corporate event


Civil engineering


  • Eleonora | Senior Designer
  • Damien | Account Director
  • Natasha | Event Manager

With a new management team recently in place setting an ambitious 10-year plan for the company, Murphy wanted to engage with their workforce and provide important updates on the progress being made.

What did we find that was extraordinary? By engaging with employees directly, in person and on ‘their patch’, important company messages can be landed more effectively.

How we extracted the extraordinary

Our specialist events team identified suitable venues for a number of large-scale meetings across the British Isles and coordinated all the associated logistics to ensure it was a seamless operation. And by managing all the audio-visual, technical and catering requirements for each separate event consistently, we created a unified experience for more than 1,000 employees – whether they attended the event in London, Leeds or Dublin. With positive feedback from both the employees and the management team, the roadshow was deemed a success and will be going back on the road next year.