Internal communications




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Camille | Senior Designer
  • Audrey | Junior Designer
  • Andrew | Account Director
  • Sara | Account Manager

As a purpose-driven and values led company, Unilever asks their global workforce annually to sign a pledge to work in a way which upholds their values and Code of Business Principles. Getting employees to engage and understand the pledge on a personal level is crucial.

What did we find that was extraordinary? Employees take pride in working for Unilever and aspire to live by the same shared values.

How we extracted the extraordinary

We needed employees to realise that the Code supports all Policies, in particular Respect, Dignity and Fair Treatment relating to DEI. The pledge is not just about aligning to Unilever’s values, but also employees personal values. Ensuring that employees feel safe and able to bring their whole selves into work, enables everyone to be their best.

A range of high impact deliverables (both on and offline) were created, driving traffic to a central microsite holding a campaign film. On the site employees could create a personalised ‘Promise’, championing their own personal commitments – amplifying the campaign and encouraging others to join them.

Over 111,009 pledges were made in 3 months; 99.3% of ‘online’ employees. A total of 10,316 personal ‘Promises’ were created – the highest personal engagement to date, up 257% from 2021. 180,780 sessions were recorded.

Our work won Gold for ‘Best internal communications campaign across multiple markets’ at the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards 2023



pledges made in three month – 99.3% on 'online' employees


personal 'promises' were created – the highest personal engagement to date


sessions were recorded on the site