Internal comms campaign




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • ??? | Senior Designer
  • Mark | Copywriter
  • Andrew | Account Director

With the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force, Unilever needed to make all employees aware of the changes and encourage them to complete an online training course for compliance.

What did we find that was extraordinary? Regulation, a seemingly dry and difficult subject, can be made relevant and interesting by highlighting tangible examples of personal impact.

How we extracted the extraordinary

Based on this insight we developed a copy-led concept with bold headlines, showing a snapshot of the type of personal data that people share online. By omitting sensitive information linked to some specific changes brought in by the GDPR legislation, we created intrigue – encouraging employees to find out more.

The deliverables were built as a toolkit for roll out to local markets with an animated video, plus print and digital assets.