Internal communications




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Andrew | Director
  • Sara | Account Manager
  • S&I | Production Partner

As a purpose-driven and values-led company, Unilever asks their global workforce to complete specific training annually. Helping employees relate learnings to their role, and in the context of their workplace, can be a challenge.

What did we find that was extraordinary? Engaging employees in different ways increases standout and the use of storytelling aids recall whilst positively impacting behaviours.

How we extracted the extraordinary

We worked with Unilever to deliver a new way of learning for their global Business Integrity training. We created a series of four short film episodes built around a fictional team, to bring to life challenges that people may face at work. Each episode had a specific storyline theme with a short summary section at the end. Employees were then given a set of questions, based on the episode that they needed to answer before proceeding to the next episode.

A distinctive visual identity was created to ensure consistency across all communications and channels to direct employees to the central learning platform. Each user had a fully customised experience, tracking their progress through the training films and learning at their own pace – all delivered in 15 languages.