Internal communications




  • Colin | Creative Director
  • Andrew | Director
  • Sara | Account Manager
  • S&I | Production Partner

As a purpose-driven and values-led company, Unilever asks their global workforce to complete specific training annually. Helping employees relate learnings to their role, and in the context of their workplace, can be a challenge.

What did we find that was extraordinary? People retain 22 times more information when learning is woven into narratives, scenarios and anecdotes, than just facts.

How we extracted the extraordinary

Integrity Matters delivered an innovative approach to Business Integrity training, moving away from a curriculum based learning focused on ‘rules’, to an engaging approach with storytelling at the heart of it. Through a series of four short episodes, built around a fictional team, we brought to life challenge that people may face. Each episode had a specific policy focus with a larger them throughout all. A short synopsis and scenario based questions followed each episode.

A distinctive visual identity was created and applied across all materials. All touchpoints directed employees to the central learning platform. Each user had a fully customised experience at their own pace, tracking their progress through the films and learning Delivered in 15 languages globally, it has created meaningful conversations, increased engagement in training and enabled people to better relate and to speak up.

Our work won Gold for ‘Best use of storytelling’ , Silver for ‘Best innovation’ and ‘Best use of video and animation’ at the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards 2023, ‘Best video/animation’ at the IoIC National Awards 2023, and ‘Best training initiative’ at the Compliance Awards 2023.