Integrity Matters delivers an innovative approach to Business Integrity training, moving away from a ‘1 Code Policy – 1 course approach’, which was curriculum and lesson based focused on ‘rules’, to an engaging approach with storytelling at the heart of it. It has been evidenced to not only aid recall, but create a desire in employees globally to want to learn more. Supported by scenario based questions, it has demonstrated enabling greater judgement and awareness of the subject matter.

A new approach to training that incorporates lessons of neuroscience and embeds adult learning principles.

Research shows that people retain 22 times more information when learning is woven into narratives, scenarios and anecdotes, than just facts.

Makes learning more relatable, whereby the learner thinks ‘this has/could happen to me’, or ‘I have seen this happen’ – aids recording and recalling information.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what the 'critics' said...

I thought this training was excellent – best I’ve ever seen in Unilever so far… thought provoking, engaging and very clear/ easy to pick up points & understand.

I thought I would never say this, but it is a training I would do again! Congratulations and if there is an award for best training, this gets my vote wholeheartedly.

I was weirdly Line of Duty GRIPPED by these episodes; I actually gasped out loud. I have just binged watched the 4 episodes. I don’t think I have ever paid this much attention to Business Integrity training.

This was the best and most emotionally engaging piece of online training I have ever seen at Unilever in my almost 10 years at the company.

Amazing. That was game-changing. Award-worthy for sure. I watched one, and then watched them all! Finished at 21.15! Just superb.

Just watched the 4 films – a truly awesome piece of training. Much more lively and actionable than the trad’ trainings. Pretty sure team will much better understand the code and overall Unilever values.

I have just completed the Business Integrity training of 4 Episodes and I found it to be relevant, relatable and engaging – really enjoyed the ‘edutainment’ approach.

I have completed the new BI training and I am really amazed about the new approach. It strongly passes the messages in a very impactful manner and with fun! Thank you!


Our team provides a full-service approach to deliver game-changing training for your organisation. Delivered by experts in training, development, production and internal communications, we offer a complete solution to your future needs. The full solution is bespoke and tailored to your specific needs, delivering authentic, relatable and engaging content built around how people want to learn.

Our training has transformed the engagement of Unilever’s Business Integrity training, informing teams when considering recruitment, got employees talking positively about training in global townhalls and has even led to employees gaining the confidence to identify and raise code breaches.

We’re confident of creating award winning programmes for you and would welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation.

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