Whatever your burning issue, we can help you tackle it.

Regulation, media interest, major change and the Board’s desire to lead on an issue are enough to keep any HR manager and internal communicator awake at night.

But how do you cut through the noise with yet another important campaign?

Creativity makes a major difference. At MGA we specialise in it, producing imaginative and hard-hitting internal communications campaigns on the issues that could easily pass employees by. Solutions that support businesses in their strategies for regulatory compliance, sustainability, brand management, and attracting and retaining talent, by engaging employees in what matters and why.

To learn more about the issues we’ve turned into stories that employees talk about, see below a few examples showcasing our work.

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Unilever My Learning - hero

With big changes around a global organisation’s training and development systems, we created awareness for a new way of learning across multiple communication channels for all staff at every operating site.

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By developing a fully integrated internal and external brand relaunch, we ensured that a company’s staff were on-board with the new roll-out from the very start.

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Search Acumen brand - hero
Unilever IWD - hero

We helped to raise the profile of gender equality champions throughout a worldwide company workforce by creating an impactful communications campaign that allowed staff to nominate trailblazing individuals.

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We reimagined an organisation’s flexible benefits package to appeal to all staff through an engaging multi-channel communications programme, resulting in a 100% increase in staff uptake.

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Murphy Roadshow - hero

We engaged with all employees from a major civil engineering company via an effective roadshow that ran across the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland.

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Via a new strategic approach, we enabled European-wide sales teams at a multi-national firm to have a different kind of conversation with their customers resulting in some of their biggest key account wins.

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Office Depot internal comms - hero
CAA PDC - hero

We helped launch a new personal development programme in a unexpected way for an organisation that usually uses understated internal communications, to ensure visibility and take up.

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Using an incredible milestone – the company’s 200th anniversary – we rallied employees globally both in offices and in the field, using offline and online materials, and increased engagement in the process.

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Chubb 200 - hero

By developing an integrated employee engagement campaign, we helped a global plc to shine a light on the importance of employee GDPR compliance throughout their organisation.

We increased awareness around a company’s global recognition awards programme by developing a new model and creating materials that communicated the simplicity of it, resulting in a 400% increase in entries.

Through a highly emotive campaign aimed at the individual, we encouraged employees to sign a company purpose pledge across the length and breadth of an organisation.

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