Creating a high-impact commercial for prime-time TV

Solmar Villa Holidays | So Solmar

Creating a revolutionary new brand campaign

CAA International | Pioneering aviation systems of the future

Creating awareness around an important safety issue

CAA | Batteries are included

Emphasising the importance of a business to the UK economy

Airbus | Instrumental

Raising awareness of a cross-sector service

BGEN | Begin with BGEN

Championing the cause for a lesser-known flexible working arrangement

ABI | Myth busting on job sharing

Raising a division's profile through an engaging presentation

Thales | Building a future we can all trust

Encouraging a sector to adopt a more progressive agenda

ABI | Making Flexible Work

Creating a unique identity for a digital product

NEC | Contracts for the digital age

Restating a commitment to the UK

Airbus | Language barriers